Our Story

Our Story

• At Finance 4 Group we have created a way of processing treatment loans that keeps all the good things that we've learnt from past experience, for example the need for a personal touch and good communication. To this we've added all the great things that the internet and technology can bring such as speed, efficiency and above all incredible cost savings. Many award winning practices and dental corporates have already registered with us.


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Our Story

• In 2010 Finance 4 Group was founded by Brian Thomson.
• Margaret Bell a board room PA who worked with Brian in his previous dental finance companies, joined the company and a former colleague David McLeish who worked with GE, Lloyds and Dun & Bradstreet joined the company soon afterwards.
• The team are supported by Claire, David, Graeme, Richard, Darren and Euan who between them, run the Financial, IT development and Support side of the business. We have combined unique technologies with a deep understanding of what it's like to be a practice principal, looking for new and improved ways of developing your practice. Finance 4 Group embodies everything we believe is right, it's about putting customers at the core of our business planning and direction.


• 40% of loans processed by Finance 4 Group are done when the practice is closed. Thus allowing patients to apply at their convenience and in complete privacy, getting instant decisions and using the revolutionary e-signature to sign the loan agreement. This gives us the satisfaction that we are making a real difference to how practices offer and patients apply for finance, as even patients write to tell us how simple and convenient it is.

• We are passionate about getting as many practices and patients together as possible. Finance 4 Group is focused on building great businesses and giving patients all around the country, greater confidence and the smile they have always dreamed about.

Welcome to Finance 4 Group.