Video Guide of the New Finance Management System

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Video Guide of the New Finance Management System

Although we've made every effort to make our new Finance Management System as easy as possible to use, we have also put together a quick video that guides you through the finance application process:

When you're ready to create a new finance application, you can log in to the new system here:  - using the email and password as detailed in the email that you will have received from us.

Login to new system button

If you require any further assistance please call our client support team on 0333 222 4444.


Order Status Descriptions

An application has been created and the link has been sent to the patient to complete.

Not Submitted
The patient has opened their application link but has not completed their application.

App Expired
The patient has not completed their application within the 48 hour expiry period since the application was created.

The order has been manually cancelled by the practice.

The patient’s finance application has been accepted and the funds are now available to capture.

The patient’s application for finance has been declined by Klarna.


The practice has captured part of the funds and there is an amount remaining to be captured. Funds can be part-captured if the treatments will be carried out in different stages. The practice will be charged the subsidy charge relative to the amount that is captured.


All funds for this application have been fully captured by the practice.


A refund has been processed on this application.